Jun. 29th, 2017

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So about 3 weeks ago now (June 7th) I headed down to the (unnecessarily expensive) Sebright Arms to see Yonaka: whether by accident or design, they were supported by two other female-fronted bands, firstly the impressive, grungey Valeras and then the rather more terrifying Hey, Charlie, which consisted of three near-identically dressed and styled women of alarming perkiness: I think it's safe to say I didn't really get them.

After distributing my various votes on Thursday (I was proxying for an Aussie-dwelling friend), N came over, although the exit poll was enough to lure me into staying up to watch the results. I lasted until about 5 before grabbing a couple of hours' sleep. Luckily Friday wasn't too strenuous as we were having our annual staff shindig, which consisted of crazy golf in Battersea Park then retreating onto the roof of one of my colleagues' blocks of flats to carry on drinking: it was all pretty fun (although it turns out the one roof covered several separate buildings, something I wish I'd known before repeatedly trying to let myself into a flat that I was sure was the right floor and number, but didn't quite look right, sometime after 11pm) and I headed off when the usual suspects seemed like they were getting up a head of steam.

I had to be up vaguely early on the Saturday to catch the coach down to Oxford for an Iris Trustee Meeting, then I came back to London to finally make it to Pink Glove in the evening with E, a queer indie night we've been failing to check out for about a year. It was over at the Victoria in Dalston, popular, friendly and fun. Sunday I took it easy during the day then headed over to the Fiddler's Elbow in the evening to join N as he was setting up for a performance at our friend B's occasional experimental music night: B's group, Far Rainbow played, N performed by himself this time, a piece involving Nivea hand cream was recreated and impressive things also happened with strings and an enormous wobble-board.

I headed down to Aberrant on the Monday, had an evening in on Tuesday, then on Wednesday All My Woes Began as I started to have a bit of a cold: I popped out anyway to the Camden Assembly Rooms, my first trip since it stopped being the Barfly: it's much the same, except they seem to have forgotten how to switch on the lights. The first support were Massmatiks, who had a bit of a metal hip-hop crossover thing going on, but I was there for Irish rockers Otherkin, so didn't stay for the headliners. I's back in Camden Thursday night to meet up with S at the Hawley Arms where a bunch of bands were playing upstairs: we were impressed by electronica in the form of The Luxembourgs and I'd come for the neo-grunge of Subterranean Popular, I was still feeling pretty under-par so we didn't stay late.


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