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I did consider not going to Empire, especially bearing in mind I wanted to be well for Glastonbury, but I'd had the cold for a couple of days, it wasn't getting any worse, and these things don't last very long, right? My deciding factor was whether I could carry all my stuff to the station and I managed this without any trouble at all, so carried on to Egham Friday morning for the usual rendez-vous. Now 17 days into this illness I'm more savvy to the fact that I tend to be better in the mornings and my capabilities first thing do not necessarily predict how I'm going to be for the rest of the day. Suffice to say the weekend was a bit of a write-off. It's hard to say how much was the illness and how much the heatwave but I basically spent two days lying in the shade, coughing. I didn't got into battle or participate in late-night revelry, the two main attractions of Empire for me, but I did spend the weekend in a field with friends, engage a bit with the game and the cool Navarri woods were probably a much better place to be dealing with the 30+ temperatures than London would have been.

I'd taken the Monday after Empire off for once, knowing I was going to need some time to recover and prepare for Glastonbury, so was able to spend the day resting: I was back in work for one day on the Tuesday, including a random school art thing in the early evening, then I headed into town for a quick drink with Shazy, who was over from Australia, before going to the Social in Fiztrovia, a long, narrow, subterranean bar, to see White Room: they were supported by rockers Naked Six, who I really liked, and the heavier Blackwaters, who were fine but didn't make quite such an impression.

The hope that I would be better for Glastonbury didn't seem to have been born out, although I was mostly just coughing, but I got myself packed and down to the coach station on Wednesday morning: I joined the most epic queue I have seen there, but it moved okay and I only left an hour after my allotted time. The journey wasn't too bad in terms of the hours of queuing in traffic that I've experienced some years, but it was the last of the Very Hot days and the coach's air conditioning wasn't really coping, leading to a near mutiny and some unscheduled cooling-off stops along the way. We all survived in the end and I got there about 6pm: left to my own devices I would have camped at the first patch of space I got to inside the gate but my gig-mate J was insistent I come and camp with him and his friends up near the Pyramid stage and came to carry some of my bags for me (even if he then needed to enlist his brother's help to find his way back to the tent).

I didn't see any bands or travel far that evening, we went for a wander up to the Park but that was as adventurous as it got, just hung out with J back at the tent whilst others went on trips to collect stuff from the car, figuring there was plenty of time for it all to get going when I had more energy the next day.
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