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I knew quite a list of bands playing Camden Rocks and, whilst they had mostly obligingly spread themselves through the day without clashing too much, they had also spread themselves quite effectively around most of the venues, meaning I couldn't just camp out somewhere: luckily I didn't have any of the problems getting into gigs I thought this might engender, although I did steer clear of a couple of bands (The Blinders, Feeder) I was expecting to be in high demand.

In fact the only queue of the day was to get my wristband from The World's End, which I'd done in plenty of time to get some lunch before heading from the sunny day into the dark depths of the Electric Ballroom to kick off the day with Imperial Leisure, whose infectious ska soon got me moving. I'd been joined by P and we headed across to the Underworld for Hands off Gretel, who I've heard described in terms of new grunge and riot grrrl, they were pretty cool although no songs really stood out for me.

I was back in the Electric Ballroom for old favourites the King Blues, unsurprisingly the election was bringing out the rabble-rousing in them, although (perhaps I'm getting old) I found the level of vitriol kinda counter-productive, as well as some of the crowd antics a bit annoying; great to hear some of their storming tunes though. Most sets were half an hour but the KB had an hour, so I slipped out with about 15 minutes to go to (unnecessarily) make sure I got in for genre-spanning Yungblud at the Good Mixer, I'd generally selected against bands I'd seen at The Great Escape too, but they were one of two repeats, along with indie-lads Lighthouse, who I caught next at Simmons; it was a small venue but good to see them pretty much fill it and the second half of their set, in particular, was full of energy.

After grabbing food in the market with P before he headed off, Yonaka were also in a smallish space in the form of Dingwalls Canalside, where I ran into one of the crew I always see at the View gigs: he was getting in position early for Milburn, who were also next on my list, down in the main Dingwalls space. They were the only band I'd not seen before and definitely the standout in terms of crowd experience. They're from Sheffield, had released their two albums around ten years ago and are often compared with the Arctic Monkeys but when I had heard their music I was surprised at how melodic it was.

The sun had given way to rain by the time I got out. so I headed quite early back to the Good Mixer to watch Sisteray, who'd packed the place out and energised the boisterous crowd (principally the Lighthouse lads, who I keep awkwardly seeing around pretty much everywhere, although they had reached out and said hi to me at the Milburn gig), to the extent that I feared for the fixtures in the crowded space. Finally, I moved onto the Crowndale (TVFKA The Purple Turtle) to see the Garage Flowers, who had a smaller but equally rambunctious group of fans, to the consternation of some rather over-attentive staff. There's something a little over-posey about the band but they still make me want to dance.


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