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Thursday before last I popped out to Dingwalls in the evening to see Get Inuit again: support came in the form of Superglue who were a bit yodelly for my tastes; to begin with GI themselves were leaving me a bit cold too this time, but they finished strongly. I headed over to N's got BBQ #1 of the long-weekend on Friday night with various friends and housemates, then headed straight down to Petersfield on Saturday where K & I had a couple of drinks before going back to hang out at hers, the week's glorious weather didn't seem to be quite holding out but this didn't prevent us from putting BBQ #2 into action.

After walking to where K had abandoned the car the previous night and hiding round the corner while she collected her kids (because she'd told her parents she'd gone up to visit me in London), I got the train back in the morning and headed straight out to Acton for L's traditional birthday BBQ (#3!) with the Badgers. I took on chefing duties after the usual faff getting the damn thing lit and underway. I was pleased to remind myself what home looked like in the evening and crashed out early, feeling pretty exhausted.

Bank Holiday Monday, N & I met up in Kew and walked along the Thames to just past Richmond (a considerably longer way than just going down the road from one to the other!), stopping off at a food festival in Syon Park, where B was working with his chilli company, along the way. It wasn't a massive walk but again I seemed to be pretty much wiped out for the day.

I celebrated the novelty of having local friends by having the usual suspects over to play games on Tuesday, ventured down to the wilds of Wallington on Wednesday to celebrate Kim's birthday with a vegan feast, then had my old Queeruption buddy V over for dinner the next night: he's another one thinking of leaving London, I wonder if we're seeing a second wave of departures, there was a definite early-30s "the kids need more space" tranche, now there seems to be a late-30s & single "something needs to change before I get stuck like this forever" trend.

I was back in Tottenham on Friday night, N & I nosed around the Euroart Studios' annual open weekend again, even though L wasn't actually in residence this year, then hung out back at his. Saturday was Camden Rocks, a one-day festival around all the pubs and venues in Camden which I couldn't really say no to seeing as it's pretty much on my doorstep: I was worried that, being compacted into one day, it may be a hell of queuing and not being able to get in anywhere, but I didn't have a single issue and managed to see everyone I planned to (in fact I did quite a bit of hanging out too, having built more time to get between venues than one-end-of-Camden to the other really required); PFW dropped in and out for a couple of bands and I ran into some familiar gig-mate faces too. (I'll post about the bands separately).

Yesterday I walked down to Regent's Park and picnicked there with N before walking back home again; I've been at home this evening too, although I'm actually feeling fairly on top of 'home stuff' for once, having taken the morning off on Thursday, in theory for the dishwasher repairman to come around, only of course when I tried the dishwasher first thing in the morning, having steadfastedly failed to fill on the last half dozen attempts, it started working perfectly.


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