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Having had a relatively gig-free April (honestly, I only went to two!), May is doing its best to redress the balance: I started on the 1st, I thought I'd missed out on the Los Campesinos! gig at Koko because I'd been keeping it free for M's birthday, but it turned out that she had other plans and I managed to buy a ticket off someone who couldn't make it: I only caught the very end of Muncie Girls but happily did catch the eye of [personal profile] venta & Chris C, who is was lovely to catch up with. Norwegians Slotface had plenty of energy and Los Campesinos! did not disappoint.

We caught up with Aberrant on Tuesday, after having to cancel a couple of sessions, then I managed to finesse a couple of bands playing just up the road from each other in Camden on Wednesday: first off The Shantics at The Monarch: they had impressed me as a support somewhere once but came across as a bit Razorlighty in both sound and attitude on this occasion, I managed to peg it up to Fiddler's Elbow and see nearly all of The Garage Flowers, who I felt much more at home with and had a bit of a shambolic glam thing going on.

I lured N to see Big and the Fat (a reconstitution of 18 Nightmares at the Lux) at The Victoria on the Thursday and happily he seemed to enjoy their noise rock. For the weekend, I headed down with the usual suspects to Seaford to strike out from PFW's absent parents' house to appreciate the surrounding countryside. This time we got the bus over to Eastbourne then walked back along the coast, only instead of going up and down the Seven Sisters, we walked along the bottom of them, clambering across the slippery rocks that low-tide had uncovered. It was quite a challenge but we succeeded in the day's stated objective to not appear on the news.

We headed back quite early on Sunday, so I go to spend plenty of time at home (with an interval meeting N in Regent's Park for cake) and I was in Monday night too. On Tuesday I caught Guardians of the Galaxy 2 up in Walthamstow, which didn't quite have the first one's impact but was still plenty of fun. Since then it's been gigs: Wednesday, The View marking 10 years of their first album at The Garage, supported by Scottish lads Pronto Mama, which had all the friendly energy I've come to expect. Thursday, Shame at The Dome, supported by Monk, who were interesting in a rather unpolished kinda way, and Sorry, who I'd seen before as Fish; Shame had all the sneer and sweat they're famed for and are probably one of my favourite new bands at the mo. Friday, now old favourites (albeit with quite a few different members) Tankus the Henge, back at The Garage; they remain anything but dull, although there's been a relatively low influx of new material in the years we've been watching them. There also seems to be an increasing trend towards Jaz taking his shirt off at any opportunity.


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