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My actual birthday was hectic at work, but productive: some people happily getting sorted out just before the shelters closed, then N bought me dinner at an Indian on Exmouth Market. On Friday night I went out to Planet Angel with the usual suspects, in Vauxhall again where other friends were boogieing at a Popstarz-throwback night just metres away, although I didn't regret my choice. Planet Angel never quite gets the crowd that Rumpus does but there were enough people to make it fun.

Once I'd surfaced on Saturday, the whole day was given over to cooking in preparation for Sunday when a bunch of people (mostly of an Eghamish origin, including Special Overseas Guests!) came over for to eat curry and hang out: it all seemed to go well, everyone just about squeezed in the flat and M had come back down from the Peaks, the only shame was that N couldn't get away from work.

I had an unexpected but welcome evening-in to recover on Monday, then went out in Tottenham on Tuesday for N's housemate D's 30th: I had thought we were going to the pub, so had already eaten by the time the plan had morphed into a meal, meaning (for the first of two occasions last week) I sat there awkwardly while others ate, although given the quantities of leftover curry I had to get through, I didn't really regret this.

It was a week of former housemates: I met up with R, who I lived with briefly in Lewisham, on Wednesday night, we wandered up onto the Heath, then [personal profile] cryx, who I hadn't really spoken to properly on my birthday, on Thursday evening (at dinner in Vauxhall: especially lovely to see Dr. J for the first time in about 8 years) and then heading out to Tonbridge together on Good Friday for a N&S's wedding. It was a lovely occasion, with a lot of old faces (mostly Egham, plus a couple of Oxford thrown in for good measure) I hardly see these days.

After [personal profile] cryx had headed off on Saturday, I had a couple of hours to get ready before my brother arrived with his family, the first time they'd come to visit me. We went pretty promptly off on a long walk on the Heath with N, had a meal at mine, then went for a wander through Camden Market and Primrose Hill the next morning, although the little playground up the road seemed to trump all of these in the eyes of my nieces. I had almost forgotten that it would be actually Easter when they were here but I just about got some eggs etc. in time and, whilst my brother and I didn't exactly chew each others' ears off, it seemed to all go pretty well.

They stayed later than I was expecting on Sunday, so I did a quick clear-up before heading over to N's: there had been a cheese & wine plan with his housemates, which was pleasantly unpressured. We headed off into town on the Bank Holiday Monday and saw the Queer British Art exhibition at Tate Britain, which was . . . fine but somehow didn't completely engage me, despite highlighting a few interesting figures (Havelock Ellis, Gluck) I wasn't aware of. We headed back up to Dalston for some boozy afternoon socialising before I headed home.

The drop-in's been closed this week, although the shortened week has meant I haven't really made much in the way of inroads to my office work: one of the flip-sides to keeping on the other caseworkers is that I'm supposed to be taking a step back from frontline work to concentrate on managing the team which is an going to be an awkward transition I'll have to start negotiating over the next few weeks. I've just been home in the evenings the last couple of days, which was much needed really.
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