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First Dreawidth Post! Warning to those of you who weren't following me on LJ: I have an overwhelming need to diarise. Feel free to skip and skim as I'm sure it's not of vast interest to anyone not invested in either tracking my day-to-day movements or young guitary bands playing around London pubs. With all the excitement I'm several weeks behind too, but I won't try to cram it all into one post . . .

After Mother's Day, I started the week playing Aberrant with the Lewisham gang, I went to the shelters Tuesday night, N came over Wednesday and then I had a couple of gig nights: The Bulletproof Bomb were playing Nambucca on Thursday, they've gone heavy on their "sportswear punk" shtick but on this occasion were rather overshadowed by their support, first Loifior who were over from Hamburg and really skilled, then Blue Zoo, who as far as I can tell were glam rockers who had a couple of songs in the charts in the 80s and are still enjoying themselves. On Friday it was Arrows of Love at Moth Club: in their case supported by Meat, who had a fairly similar noise-punk approach to the Arrows, the excellently-named but sadly fairly average Average Sex and Claw Marks, fronted by a gyrating bear in hot pants. Arrows were really good and actually seem to be giving more coherent performances with time, which definitely wasn't the trajectory they looked like they were on at one stage.

I spent most of Saturday daytime in domesticity then headed down to Hampshire, where K has moved to an even more rural spot (West Tisted): she had friends over for BBQ #1 on the Saturday evening, then on Sunday L came over with her family for BBQ #2, it was lovely to spend lots of time with K's kids in-between times (even if her eldest did lock us in the cellar for a bit) and it was great weather to be out in the garden and poking around the local area.

I came back to an empty flat as M had gone up to the Peaks for (most of) a fortnight, it was also the last week of the shelters, so I had my last evening in work for the season on the Monday: it all seems to have gone well this year, the third circuit establishing itself successfully and we've found ways to keep all of the seasonal caseworkers on over the Summer, which is great as they've been a good team.

I went to the Sebright Arms to see Fangclub on Tuesday: the whole line-up had quite a grungey feel: I just caught the end of female-fronted Krush Puppies, Lullaby were up next and really impressive, although it took Fangclub to finally get people moving. Wednesday I marked the eve of my 40th year by making the most of being home alone and having an indulgent evening in.
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