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Last Sunday involved [ profile] eggwhite's exceedingly civilised Stag Do, which comprised of meeting up in town for lunch, perusing the Wellcome Collection (I went back to the Bedlam exhibition and got to watch some of the great video exhibits all the way through) and an Escape Room up the Caledonian Road: our group seemed to blitz its way through (once we'd got out of the cell we'd been locked in to start with), although I'm not sure made a particularly sterling contribution to it all. The others headed back out to Staines for a meal but, being a Sunday night, I lingered in London.

I stayed in Monday night (M and I have started on Westworld), then went to see Love Labour's Lost the next evening with [ profile] ketchgirl, [ profile] anysbryd and others: it was pretty good, a fairly effective Edwardian setting, some really funny scenes and quite a bit of random singing. On Wednesday I was going to see some music at a cafe (MostArt) in Stoke Newington with M&E, only we couldn't really cope with the set-up so went and hid in Scenario (where N popped in for a drink en route home) until it was time for the music. Tell Tale Tusk were their own support, backing a guy called Kai Carter, who I'd previously seen playing with the Debt Collective; the band themselves were in their four-piece folky format and enjoyable despite the slightly random set-up.

I was in Lewisham for Aberrant on Thursday then headed out to Feltham for dinner with [ profile] molez, [ profile] mistress_fran and their other halves on Friday (steak fondue!), then back out in Staines yesterday for [ profile] eggwhite & K's wedding itself (or the UK leg at least) which was lovely and perfectly suited to them: lego-building competitions instead of awkward discos a definite winner and also lovely to see a couple of lesser-spotted (one-time) Eghamites. Spending today at home, then heading to the shelters this evening.


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